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Mother’s Day

This coming Sunday, May 12, is Mother’s Day. This is always a special day because we are able to honor and celebrate an incredible person in each of our lives. We all have a mom. And, every mom sacrifices so much for their child. Not only in enduring nine months of carrying us around in their belly, but also the pain of childbirth, and then the everyday prayers and sacrifices that make us who we are today. Mother’s Day gives us a chance to say “Thank You!”

Personally, I am so grateful for my mom. My mom sacrificed immeasurably for my sister and me. Growing up, I can always remember my mom being there for us. My mom was a college professor. She worked full-time. Then, she would make breakfast, go to work, then come home and make dinner. She drove us to all our sports and extracurricular activities. She never complained, and I never felt like we were a burden to her. My mom and dad prioritized church. We were there on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. We didn’t miss, and I am forever grateful for my mom setting the spiritual direction of Jesus for our family. I’m so thankful and blessed to have the gift of a great mom.

Today I still have my mom, and I also love watching my wife, Lisa, be a mom. I never knew I could love someone so much when we got married. Watching Lisa be a mom makes me love her even more. She is so selfless. Whatever our kids need, she is there. She is kind, patient, loving and amazing. Our kids know that their mom loves them, and this has made such a difference in their lives. I am so grateful for my wife who is an incredible mom!

If you are a mom reading this then - “thank you!” You are amazing. Now, I know almost every mom carries around some level of “mom guilt.” There is always more to do than there is time. As men, we don’t feel or always understand this. None of us are perfect - no mom, dad or any human (only one - Jesus), but we can’t let our enemy get a foothold in our lives and make us feel like we are not enough. By God’s grace, we are who we are, and we are blessed to be a mom or a dad. Don’t live in guilt, but live in the grace that God has called you and is with you.

There is no one else who is called to be a mom or dad to your kids. There are others who can step in at certain periods in your kids' lives (and praise God for this), but you are the only mom or dad your kids will ever have. Therefore, let’s love them well and point them to Jesus. Let’s give our best, and trust that God is strong enough to take care of the ones we love the most.

This Mother’s Day, take some time to write a card, send a text, make a reservation, share a meal and appreciate your mom. Encourage her and celebrate her as God’s gift to you. And, if you are a mom, then from the bottom of my heart hear this - thank you! Thank you for always being there to put on a bandaid, to dry up the tears, to listen to the joys and the struggles, to give wise advice, to pray, to hug and to love. From me, and the entire church family at Rolling Hills, we honor and celebrate you. Whatever is happening in your life and/or in your family, please know how special you are. God loves you and so do we all of us. This Sunday, we honor and celebrate you. Thank You for all you do, but even more for all that you are. Thank You, God, for giving us our mom. In Your Sovereignty, You took care of us and blessed us through our moms. We want to be grateful this day and every day. Happy Mother’s Day!

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