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Versus 2024

What an incredible night at Versus ‘24! Our God moved in a powerful way, and I am forever grateful. There is something so special about 900 men worshiping Jesus together. You could truly feel the presence of the Lord in the place. As you think about it - you impact a man for Jesus, you impact a marriage, you impact children, you impact a workplace, a church, a community and generations. Come, Lord Jesus, and raise up godly men for Your glory.

There were so many highlights at Versus ‘24. First, the testimonies. The panel with three former professional athletes sharing their faith journey in Jesus challenged us all. Mike Fisher, a professional hockey player and former captain of the Predators, shared about being drafted, and living for the world until God used his cousin to lead him back to Jesus. Then, Chase Headley, a former professional baseball player, talked about coming to know Christ as an athlete and the difference Jesus made in his life. Finally, Steven Wright, former Major League All-Star, shared about his struggles, fighting the pain and the battle alone, until Jesus met him at his darkest time. You could have heard a pin drop in the room when Steven got emotional talking about Jesus, his family and church. This is truly life-change in Jesus.

Then there was a video from three men who have accepted Christ at a past Versus. To hear their stories was so impactful. Moving from the darkness of sin - drugs, alcohol and even jail - to the light of - grace, healing and love - highlighted what Versus is all about. We have a front-row seat to see Jesus changing lives and there is nothing like it! Only God.

Granger Smith then shared his story. Granger, who was a former country music artist, experienced the worst tragedy imaginable when his 3-year-old son, River, died. Granger had to live with that pain, and it almost took his life. But, for the grace of God. Granger left country music four years ago and is currently in seminary to be a preacher. There is such incredible healing and grace in his story that impacted all of us. We felt the brutal emotion of the greatest pain of any parent and yet saw God redeeming a man right before our eyes. Because of Jesus, we know Granger and River will be reunited one day in Heaven for all eternity.

Versus ‘24 was amazing - praise God! The Versus worship band was incredible. Jordan St. Cyr debuted his newest single, “Our Foundation.” It truly felt like a little taste of Heaven with the room packed, brothers worshiping together, being real, authentic and all focused on Jesus. 

Our God is doing a mighty work in the lives of men at Rolling Hills and in our community, and I know this is just the beginning. Keep praying for the men in your life and in our church. The enemy wars against men. The struggles men face at home, work and internally are real. There is such pressure on men to measure up to the world’s standards. So many men are weighed down by the weight of expectations, guilt and shame. But, our God is greater! In this battle of God vs. our enemy, God wins! 

I’m so grateful for Versus and for all our God is doing in His Church. What an honor and joy to lock arms with so many incredible men of God, and to impact others for Jesus. Let’s go!


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